Underwater Turntable

Artist Brian Lilla enjoys unusual turntables — here is one he made, almost entirely submerged under water.

That the movement leaves the label uncovered is amazing; that the needle stays in the groove, against the outward movement of water even moreso.  On one hand, this is entirely possible: turntables are amazingly low-tech; the only reason for a plug-in is to make the platter spin, the needle produces it’s own ‘electricity’ and stays in place based on friction between the needle and the groove.   On the other hand, it looks too good to be true; water is dense, causes friction in bad ways and lubricates in worse ways.   Any which way, it’s hypnotic to watch.  Via.


I’ve seen more amateurish versions of this, but Teehan+Lax have put a spit-shine on the process.   Use Google Street View to compile a time-lapse movie of driving around the world jusing the Hyperlapse app.   The site to do it is here, but I couldn’t get it to work on my computer because of a lack of nice libraries to make it work.  But, I loved the movie, so even if you can’t get it to work for you, go watch the koyaanisqatsiicity of living clouds and crossing bridges.

(On a sidenote, I only messed up spelling ‘koyaanisqatsi’ by one letter — I did a double-n instead of double-a — which I think earns me some geek cred somewhere.)