Best Buy Of The Past

If there’s something that is so ephemeral you never notice things changing, it’s catalogs.  People love the Sears Christmas catalogs because of the old toys – and this guy has found old inserts for Best Buy from the early 2000s.  Wait, that’s over a decade ago?  I feel old now.  I miss my ZIP drives and pagers and fax machines.

See also, this even earlier flyer, from some other guy.

Harold Lloyd Sign Uncovered

Constuction workers in Vancouver, BC, Canada uncovered something awesome: a ghost ad for the Harold Lloyd film Grandma’s Boy in amazing condition.  It looks like the building next door had been built in 1922 while the film was in theatres, and workers just bricked over its neighbor, sign and all.  What intrigues me the most is that something ephemeral like a movie would have gotten painted on the side of a building — the occupying business, or some long term venture, I can understand painting on a building for posterity, but that a movie would is amazing.  Makes you wonder how many other movie ads are underneath this one, whitewashed over with each week’s new release.  Via Reddit.