Vertical Vega

Here’s what happens when engineers get high: the Chevrolet Vega was shipped to auto dealers on special train cars which unfolded like a flower in the morning dew to release their multi-colored metal cargo. The car itself was redesigned to allow it to be stored this way, in running condition, with all the oil and other fluids inside. As you might guess, cars aren’t designed to sit in the nose-down position, so while the engineers had a lot of fun, traveling around the USA in your Chevrolet wasn’t that great for the Vega.


I’ve seen more amateurish versions of this, but Teehan+Lax have put a spit-shine on the process.   Use Google Street View to compile a time-lapse movie of driving around the world jusing the Hyperlapse app.   The site to do it is here, but I couldn’t get it to work on my computer because of a lack of nice libraries to make it work.  But, I loved the movie, so even if you can’t get it to work for you, go watch the koyaanisqatsiicity of living clouds and crossing bridges.

(On a sidenote, I only messed up spelling ‘koyaanisqatsi’ by one letter — I did a double-n instead of double-a — which I think earns me some geek cred somewhere.)

Star Wars Sells Fur

George Lucas was crazy in the seventies.   Before the Christmas Special, before they went to the beach, before Jar-Jar, Vader hung out with Jerry Hall to promote the “Force” of Fur.   This was done in 1977, just as the first movie was coming out, so it was even less context-friendly than it is today.  Throw a Stormtrooper into a fashion shoot now, it’s chic and ironic; in 1977 it’s, “wait, who’s that guy?”

Squirrel Away Your Pennies

Reid Peppard is a fashion designer, with a taxidermy hobby on the side.  No, wait, he’s a taxidermist who wants to be a fashion designer when he grows up.  Either way, he’s got his chocolate in his peanutbutter and peanutbutter on his chocolate and is turning roadkill into high-end fashion accessories.

I like that the rat looks like he’s screaming every time you’re looking for quarters for the pop machine.

Obamaham Lincoln

Artist Ron English is very confident in Obama’s place in the annals of history — by showing us what the love-child of Abraham Lincoln and Brarack Obama would look like.   English seems to do a lot of juxtaposition art, so maybe it’s just ironically evocative, or evocatively ironic, but any which way it’s sold out now, so now I’m sad that I won’t have one on top of my Steinway grand piano like Don Music‘s Beethoven.


A Toy Typewriter


This is mostly a test of the WordPress Android app (I’m not allowed to test on our bigger sites), so here’s a neato dial typewriter I found at Exit 55 Antiques in Fergus Falls, MN today. It’s no more complicated than a Dymo labeller, but more fun. Sadly, the letter-turner is broken, the gears don’t line up, otherwise I might have taken it home.