Pretend English

The news often shows how foreigners think about Americans, with protest signs and yelling and effigies, but that’s about America as a whole. For the most part, this video is probably a much more accurate view of how foreigners see an American, on an individual level: swagger, self-assuredness, and lots of ‘r’s.


SF’s Wooden Ladders

Firemen in San Francisco have a unique problem: low old-style power lines are a dangerous issue when swinging around metal ladders, and light fiberglass ladders aren’t sturdy enough to stand up to fire department service.  So, the San Francisco fire department has its own wooden ladder-making shop which supplies San Fran’s Finest with the means to climb as high as they need without adding further risk to the firefighters’ lives.

The Cartoonist’s Piano

Mell Lazarus was the creator of the Miss Peach comic strip, and he served as a mentor and a leader in the cartooning world.   Once upon a time, Mell and his wife decided they needed a piano, so they found a beat-up white Wurlitzer with the intention of refinishing it.  Instead, Mell’s friends in the cartoon world started drawing on it, which has resulted in this awesome piece of illustration history:  Mell’s Piano.

Vertical Vega

Here’s what happens when engineers get high: the Chevrolet Vega was shipped to auto dealers on special train cars which unfolded like a flower in the morning dew to release their multi-colored metal cargo. The car itself was redesigned to allow it to be stored this way, in running condition, with all the oil and other fluids inside. As you might guess, cars aren’t designed to sit in the nose-down position, so while the engineers had a lot of fun, traveling around the USA in your Chevrolet wasn’t that great for the Vega.