United States Death Trip

Wisconsin Death TripWisconsin Death Trip has been a cult book favorite since the 1970s, with its juxtaposition of great black-and-white photography with tales of woe and destruction in the distant forests of central Wisconsin. Wifey and I have both fallen in love with the film adaptation, too. Despite accusations of historical infidelity, the book remains haunting, but the title doesn’t really jive for me. It has a very psychadelic 70s sound to it, which doesn’t hurt its purpose, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant. So, I went online looking for anything to explain it, and if any other states have death trips of their own. Everything I found seemed to point back to this book as the source of the term, and a few states have a pretty solid following for their own localized version of the term. Math geeks, here’s some chart porn for you, below the fold:

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