Chipmunk Jedi

Few creatures of burden were of more use to the Empire than the Giant Chipmunk. It’s too bad those parts of the movie were cut. Better than those damn Ewoks.

The above photo is not a photoshop. Photographer Chris McVeigh, rather than doing his laundry or solving world peace, devoted his spare time to training his neighborhood wild squirrels to tolerate being photographed with toys. When almonds are involved, a squirrel will put up with all kinds of crap.

Field Hockey Stick Reward

I can understand the sentimental value, but, kids, it’s time one of you ponied up and bought dear ‘ol Dad a real cane:


Dear ‘ol Dad has misplaced his old field hockey stick he uses for his cane. It has very little monetary value. But HUGE sentimental value. Please help us find it for him.

Please call xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxxx

Thank-you! The Reward is very generous!

Seen in that gas station south of Detroit Lakes, and just north of WE Fest on 59.