The Internet, According to 1976

In the 1970s, there was a lot of speculation about where all the new telecommunications technology was headed (The Confetti Generation is one of my favorites) — but here, with scans on Flickr*, is foresight of the internet, via Smithsonian Magazine, 1976:

* Why do people insist on uploading images of text and articles to Flickr? Aside from being a clunky way to share photos, it’s the worst way to share sequential or informational content. I almost didn’t want to link to this guy’s scans, because it’s the most horrible way to do what he was trying to do. Stop putting non-photos on Flickr, people.

Mark Twain’s Satan

Mark Twain wrote about a Mysterious Stranger — Satan (nephew to the real Satan) — whose purpose was to show humanity how worthless and inconsequential it really was. The book was edited after Twain’s death from several false-starts at a story; the book isn’t great, although this 1985 Claymation adaptation of the story strikes Twain’s sentiment home.

Plus it was good old-fashioned nightmare fuel. I saw it when I was quite young; while it didn’t terrify me, it did give me a certain insight…